TA'AZ Security 141

TA’AZ Security 141

  • Static Site Security Guard Force

Personnel are tested for aptitude and if successful trained to conduct premise security. Mandatory subjects include health and safety, first aid, H2S and firefighting techniques as well as all topics necessary for the conduct of roles and responsibilities (weapon handling, incident procedure, Rules for the Use of Force etc.)

  • Mobile Security Teams (MST)

MST are vital to the protection of client personnel and TA’AZ places great emphasis on the careful selection, training and support of these staff. Only personnel with extensive previous experience within the top international security companies are recruited. Successful candidates, once employed, are required to conduct continuation training on a regular basis.

  • C4I

Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) capability to coordinate and monitor 24 hour operations can be provided either at project level on the client premises or from the TA’AZ central operations room in Rumaila. TA’AZ seeks to combine the latest technologies with experienced managerial personnel to provide robust operational and incident management in all scenarios.

  • Security Consultancy Services

TA’AZ’s highly experienced management offer a great reserve of in-house expertise and knowledge and TA’AZ maintains an active network of security consultants whose expertise may be drawn upon to inform future ventures as necessary.