The Safety Milestone of 2 Million LTI-free (Lost Time Injury-free) Man Hours was reached today May 5, 2016 at 1300 hours by TA’AZ Construction.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that TA’AZ Construction has reached 2 000 000 LTI Free Man Hours.

Safety has been a major focus for TA’AZ on Majnoon Oil Field, specifically on all projects to ensure that all employees work safely and return home without harm on a daily basis. This would not have been possible if everyone on the TA’AZ Team didn’t apply safe practices on a daily basis. To date TA’AZ Construction employees have reached a total of 1187 LTI free days and driven over 1 700 000 kilometers. TA’AZ Construction committed unsurpassed resources including10850 Training hours, 3,323 TBT, to achieve these goals

“When one considers the complexity of all the trades that are executed on a building site, together with the additional risk of all sub-contractors that get reported in our numbers, this achievement is very significant”.
“I congratulate every single employee of TA’AZ Construction for making their contribution to improve our safety, environment and attitude. The hard work and dedication of the entire team has contributed to this significant milestone. We now have a new challenge – reaching the 2 500 000 LTI-free hours’ milestone. I believe we can achieve this through continued commitment and training”.

Adel Salman

Managing Director
TA’AZ Group