Case Study

Battle Area Clearance

In June 2014, TA’AZ Demining commenced a two year contract providing Technical and Battle Area Clearance (BAC) services to Shell Oil, in the Majnoon Oilfield north of Basra. TA’AZ Demining mobilised 15 BAC teams and immediately set out systematically clearing sites within Majnoon. The number of teams has risen to 24 teams giving TA’AZ a large presence in the oilfield, employing close to 400 Iraqi staff.

This project ran alongside another Shell contract, awarded to TA’AZ for the provision of armoured plant in support of the BAC operations. Armoured plant is used to remove ERW contaminated bunds and stockpiles to allow BAC searchers to instrument clear the ground. Specialized deep search teams conduct clearance down to a depth of 3 meters, going down as low 7 meters in some areas.

TA’AZ Demining has shown a strong ERW capability, utilising a wide range of tools to clear sites. To complement the search teams, TA’AZ Deming has specialized data acquisition teams and data analysis technicians which provide an accurate indication of deep buried UXO.

Currently operating in Majnoon, TA’AZ has a large fleet of armoured machines which include:

  • Articulated dump trucks,
  • Bulldozers,
  • Front End Loaders and
  • Excavators

All these assets have allowed TA’AZ Demining to clear over 9million squares meters and safely removed nearly 5000 UXO, while not suffering any ERW related injuries. TA’AZ prides itself on a safe, effective turnkey solution to Battle Area Clearance.


In March 2015, TA’AZ Demining started clearance operations in Majnoon, of a future well pad located inside a minefield. TA’AZ went away from conventional manual clearance, and implemented a fully mechanical methodology which prevented the need for deminers to enter the minefield.

The clearance operation comprises several phases, using different mechanical platforms. Newly purchased MineWolf 370’s process the ground using tiller and flail attachments averaging over 10,000 m2 per day.

Armoured excavators with arjun rake attachments, uplift any anti-tank mines and UXO and remove to a safe area for EOD technicians to assess. Armoured scrapers then remove the MineWolf processed soil and cart off site. The newly scraped ground is then proof rolled using an armoured smooth drum rollers.

In late 2015, TA’AZ Demining purchased a tracked screener, which will commence operations in March 2016, to screen the material removed from the minefield. The screener will sift the soil and separate any mines or UXO contained within the soil.

The methodology has allowed the clearance of 1 million square meters and removal of over 1000 land mines and 200 UXO, without one deminer entering the minefield. This reduces the risk significantly and has enabled TA’AZ to clear ground in a far more time efficient manner.