Case Study

Success with Shell

Civil Call of Contract SIPD 1158

TAAZ construction was awarded the fourteen million dollar, one-year duration, SIPD 477 Civil Call Off Contract in the spring of 2013. The award was based on stringent competition between seven major international and national companies, TAAZ qualified for the technical evaluation. The due diligence of the TAAZ team proved to be the superior response, technically and commercially and more importantly the correct solution for Shell.


Awarded spring of 2013 after a very competitive biding process. TAAZ mobilized safely but quickly and work orders from Shell flowed non-stop to TAAZ. Our response was immediate and effective executing all WO’s in the required time frames and most were executed in shorter that requested period of performance. Road works, Precast concrete works, operation of borrow pits, installation of buildings, fencing, electrical works, recondition of offices, design and build of 300 space parking areas with solar lighting and other general civil and mechanical works were all part of the scope. TAAZ delivered all with the quality in workmanship Shell demands.

Contract performance was so effective that the original contract amount of 14 Million was executed in less than the year slated as the period of performance. Shell took the unusual step of increasing the contract funding by almost 25%. New contract total approximately 20 million, executed under an excess of 200 WO.

The success of the SIPD 477 Civil Call Off contract led Shell to award the following contracts to TAAZ, in the subsequent year, SIPD-1054SIPD-$770,000. 1055-$940,000. SIPD-1063-$525,000., SIPD-933-$1,800,000., SIPD-1158-11,525,000..