TA’AZ Mobile Security Teams receive “Best Performance Award” by Great Wall Drilling Company

TA’AZ Security 141 named for outstanding performance in southern Iraq oil field

Dubai, UAE, 28/6/2016 – Citing Professional Performance, Team Integrity, Work Spirit, and Continual Contributions from TA’AZ Security 141 operating for Great Wall Drilling Company (GWDC) Iraq-Branch Rumaila Project, the GWDC awarded TA’AZ Security 141 earlier this month as the company ramps up oil development and production in the region.  The Best Performance Award is a rare and coveted award given to GWDC partners far exceeding project requirements and expectations.

Mr. Zhang Quanwei, GWDC (Iraq-Branch) Health Safety and Security Manager said, “As we continue to increase our production capabilities in the Rumaila region, having a tightly integrated relationship with a leader in protection and security services, such as the TA’AZ Security 141, is mission critical. The level of safety and security provided by TA’AZ allow our teams to scale with focus along with the ability to satisfy the compliance and security needs requested by our enterprise customers”.

Steve Poka, Country Manager at TA’AZ Security 141 added, “We are honoured to receive this award from GWDC.  It underscores our commitment to excellence in protection and security for all of our customers seeking economic expansion within Rumaila, Iraq. Our teams are highly trained and cohesive units made up of both international and local security professionals”.

The award winning TA’AZ Great Wall 1 (GW1) and Great Wall 2 (GW2) teams comprise of the following professionals:


  • David Morice , GW1 Team Leader (New Zealand)
  • Bruce Hemopo, GW1 Deputy Team Leader (New Zealand)
  • GW1 Team Operators include Qasim Sackit Hassan, Kareem Badder Mijbus, Mustafa Abdulrahim Hadi, and Amar Hassan Chokan, all Iraqi nationals.


  • Ed Jennings, GW2 Team Leader (Fiji)
  • Matt Firmin, GW2 Deputy Team Leader (New Zealand)
  • GW2 Team Operators include Fouad Wafi Adlhassan Al Ghadhr, Gazwan Nuaman Hameed Alnosairy, Haider Hamza Murad Al Khazaely, Rafaat Abdulmahdy Hussein Alkhwarda, Azef Mahdy Fadi Alttoblamy, Hazim Adel Ghazi Alkhfaji and Ali Hamza Murad Al Khazaely, all Iraqi nationals.

Rumaila, Iraq, is a  super-giant oilfield located in southern Iraq approximately 32 km from the Kuwaiti border that produces 1,350,000 barrels per day (214,800 m3/d) making up 44% of Iraq’s oil production of 2.4 million barrels per day.  Forbes reported Rumaila to be the fourth largest oil field in the world.

TA’AZ Security 141 was awarded the Great Wall Drilling contract beginning in 2013.  TA’AZ Group, which is 100% Iraqi owned, is the only company operating in the southern Iraq region that offers the full suite of turnkey services that include Demining, Construction, Accommodation and Security.

About Great Wall Drilling Company:  Great Wall Drilling Company (GWDC), a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and an IADC member. GWDC is a privately owned oil and gas business, and founded in 1936.

GWDC provides integrated oil and gas well construction solutions for clients from well design, drilling operation and mud services to well completion in various surface and underground conditions. They offer wireline logging, mud logging and well testing operations based on the practical combination of advanced technologies. They integrate interpretation of data acquired from those operations offers solutions to a variety of geologic situations. The company expands services globally and vigorously for general contracting of oil reservoir development, well stimulations, adjustment plan preparation and integrated project management of oil and gas field development.

The key objectives of the company are to increase reserves through exploration, development and acquisitions, minimize production costs and maximize recoverable reserves.

About TA’AZ Security 141: TA’AZ Security 141 is part of the TA’AZ Group and is vital to the protection of client personnel and TA’AZ places great emphasis on the careful selection, training and support of these staff. Only personnel with extensive previous experience within the top international security companies are recruited. Successful candidates, once employed, are required to conduct continuation training on a regular basis.

TA’AZ Security 141 clients include Kuwait Energy, Weatherford, Eni, and Samsung among others.

About TA’AZ Group:   TA’AZ Group which is a 100% Iraqi-owned Company. It was founded in 1994 by Mr. Vahan Gregor and at that time specialized in Construction and Engineering. Mr. Vahan then created and developed TA’AZ Demining and TA’AZ Security as stand-alone companies that would complement each other so that clients can be offered true turn?key solutions.

Mr. Vahan is the sole owner of the TA’AZ Group and has selected and integrated Iraqi and expatriate managers to ensure that global experience and local knowledge are combined to create the best of both worlds for all clients.

TA’AZ Group customer philosophy is to build real, long-term relationships that will be mutually beneficial to the customer and to TA’AZ Group.

TA’AZ Group currently employs over 1,900 personnel and maintains offices in Iraq and Dubai.