TA’AZ Security provides initiative to counter low oil price

TA’AZ Security provides initiative to counter low oil price

TA’AZ Security has taken the initiative to reduce costs for clients who are using Mobile Security Teams. They have been able to do this by training Iraqi Team Leaders and Team 2ics with approved Close Protection and Medical courses. Clients now have the choice of Expat of Iraqi security staff.

Traditionally expatriates have filled these roles, but now TA’AZ has fully compliant and trained Iraqi staff members who can fill these roles.

TA’AZ Security Managing Director, Mr Adel Salman said “this initiative has given the whole company a lift – client usage (of MSTs) is up and we have had great feedback from our Iraqi staff, both from those that have been trained and also those looking for career advancement. We have spent a considerable amount of money on these guys – it is an investment in our future. There is still very much a requirement for Expat Team Leaders to lead and develop Iraq staff and also some of our clients prefer to have Expats (Team Leaders). It has also opened new doors for some of our Expats to step up to management positions”.

TA’AZ Training Academy headed by Doug Leggett and Alan ‘Del’ O’Connor who have many years’ experience with Mobile Security Teams and are vastly qualified instructors, led the courses and made sure that only those staff who met the stringent requirements were able to sit the final exams. TA’AZ Training Academy is fully certified by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance and runs dozens of different courses every year.

Some clients do still prefer to have an Expat Team Leader and Team 2ic and TA’AZ provides a range of configurations to meet client and compliance requirements. For these clients TA’AZ has reduced other cost such as daily vehicle rates in order to adjust for the reduction in companies’ security budget caused by the falling oil price.