TA’AZ Demining Attention to Detail Pays Off

TA’AZ Demining Attention to Detail Pays Off

There is no room for error when it comes to the clearance of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW). On 20 January 2016 Rumaila Operating Organization (BP ROO) awarded a multi-million-dollar contract to TA’AZ Demining because of their experience, capability, capacity and attention to detail.

TA’AZ Demining has won the contract from national and international competitors and has again proven that Iraqi owned companies do have the professionalism, experience and capability to perform at the premier level in this “no room for error” sector.

Country Manager for TA’AZ Demining Mr Paul Albert said that “this award is another significant step for TA’AZ Demining and our insistence on quality, pain staking attention to details and customer satisfaction has paid off. We make sure that our staff are the best available in Iraq and from across the globe as well”.

The contract is to provide technical services to BP ROO for the next three years and will see TA’AZ Demining provide the following services:

  • Battle Area Clearance Teams – to start with their will be six teams and this will increase to 20 teams.
  • Support to Survey Teams – this is the provision of trained searchers to assist client survey teams.
  • Mine Risk Education (MRE) – the provision of mine awareness training to contractors.
  • Mine Clearance Team – on call as required.
  • Mechanical Support – provision of Armoured Front End Loaders, Armoured Excavators and Armoured Bulldozers.

TA’AZ Demining will operate from TA’AZ Camp located at North Rumaila and will utilise Expat and Iraqi staff in key positions of Project Manager, Operations Manager, HSE, GIS, Logistics and Technical Advisors.

Operations will start in late March 2016.