TA'AZ Security 141

TA’AZ Security 141

  • Static Site Security Guard Force

Having successfully completed the HR Vetting & Screening process, selected personnel complete their Induction Training at TA’AZ Academy in North Rumaila. TA’AZ personnel have vast experience in providing Static Security Services to a variety of International and Local Clients. Further to Induction Training, Internationally Accredited Guard Course Level 1 & 2 (as appropriate to task) is then completed to include subjects such as Health & Safety, First Aid, H2S, VPSHR and The International Code of Conduct.  (Firearms Training as required). Personnel and Vehicle Search techniques are also included with courses adapted to suit each Client, their personnel, facility and assets.

  • Mobile Security Teams (MST)

TA’AZ personnel, many of whom have been part of the TA’AZ Team for over 5 years, provide Mobile Security Teams (MST/PSD) to our International and Local Clients. Quality (in terms of personnel, vehicles and equipment), mobile operations are critical to the protection of our Clients. We place huge importance on the selection, training and retention of our Team personnel. TA’AZ is extremely mindful of our Client reputation as well as our own and we do all that we can to retain, and build upon a professional reputation for Quality Service.

The Mobile teams play a significant role in our business. Like our Static Guard Force, our Teams are the ‘face’ of TA’AZ and their priority is to ensure that our Clients feel safe and secure. Client feedback of a ‘personal approach’ is often received with the Teams focused on building a professional relationship with each and every Client.

  • C4I

Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) capability to coordinate and monitor 24-hour operations can be provided either at Project level at the Client facility or, from the TA’AZ Regional Operations Base in North Rumaila. TA’AZ seeks to combine the latest technologies with experienced personnel to provide robust operational and incident management and response.

  • Security Consultancy Services

TA’AZ’ is  able to offer bespoke Security Solutions and Training Courses. Our Team have a wealth of international knowledge and experience to support our Clients in their business. As a 100% Iraqi-owned Company we seek to support Local Businesses in the training and development of their personnel combined with solutions to support our International Clients.