TA'AZ Construction Services

TA’AZ Construction Services

TAAZ Construction is one of the premier construction contractors in Southern Iraq. We offer turn?key solutions to our clients for a wide range of construction requirements. Wether you require Design & Engineering services, or complete camp solutions you can be assured TAAZ Construction will be there to assist you every step of the way.

TAAZ Construction deploys an integrated team of expatriate and Iraqi personnel skilled in Civil, Electrical, Structural, and Mechanical construction. We offer a wide range of cost?effective solutions designed to meet the specific needs of our client.

Our team of professionals are ready and able to assist you with the design, engineering, budget establishment, and timely execution of your construction projects. A few of the services available are listed below.

  • Civil & Road Construction

  • Large Steel Warehouse Structures

  • Temporary Camps (3 to 5 Years)

  • Permanent Camps (25+ years)

  • Concrete Construction

  • Electrical Grid Construction (British 17 Standard)

  • Pipeline Construction

  • Mechanical Plant Construction